Shadow Player Youth Basketball Training System

Youth Basketball Training has reached an all-time new level.  Developed by a long time Basketball Coach, Greg Decker, comes an incredible system for teaching and training Basketball like never before.  Having the right tools is extremely beneficial in getting the most out of your practice and training time.

The evolution of coaching to me is very interesting. The way coaches improvise to make the drill effective. First you had the coach who thought of drilling in the first place. To make the choice of working on the correct and most effective ways of dribbling, shooting, rebounding and defending instead of playing practice games was a great idea.

Then coaches took a good idea and started tweeking things a bit to make it work even better. Expanding on good ideas has been going on in coaching since the first practice to the last practice and will continue in the next practice.

The key to being the best you can be (besides hard work) is finding training solutions that are ahead of the curve and get on board. Sometimes working smarter is working harder.

I found this Training system and thought yes, this is ahead of the curve. This may help improve someone’s basketball skills and help them achieve their potential on the court.

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Coach “Z” on the Training System

Traditional Chair & Cone Gets Replaced!

The Shadow Player Drill Towers (representing players on the court) replace the traditional chair and cone, used by thousands of basketball  coaches around the country for many, many years and they do MUCH more!  The new Shadow Player Drill Towers “change the game” for basketball coaches, trainers and players and offer the following advantages: * Unmatched Portability with Custom Carrying Bag (5 Drill Towers in Each Bag) Light-weight Design (Much Lighter Than Cones & Chairs)

 Durable Hybrid Plastic Material

 Sturdy Structure on Court (Stable Structure Engineering)

 Easy Set-up & Breakdown (Velcro Connectors – Drill Towers Break Down

 Flat & Slide Into Custom Bag (See Product Info. Page for set-up demo)

 Multi-functional Designed Drill Towers (Plyometric Jumping) 

Great Retail Price – Only $89.99 = 5 Shadow Player Drill Towers, Custom

 Carrying Bag, 12 Skill Drills & Skill Development Matrix 


Use it. Be dedicated. See the results!