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Artisan natural soaps for all skin types makes for a unique and wonderful gift for just about anyone. This will impress the women in your life and make them want to know all about this amazing line of artisan natural soaps. Soapcreek has uncovered a gem just for you. These soaps will impress! Also, they just make you feel much better knowing that these are all carefully crafted and Eco-friendly made with the best quality ingredients. While some companies tend to cut corners with less expensive ingredients, Soapcreek started with the idea in mind to make the very best. From the base oils to the essential oils we order in samples and test them in small batches to see how the to effect the finished product.In addition, Soapcreek tried eight different lavender oils before finding the one that met their high expectations for a finished product. Their motto is to begin with the end in mind.

artisan natural soaps

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artisan natural soaps


These Artisan soaps help replenish oils and add moisture to the skin that others just remove. At Soapcreek they leave the naturally occurring glycerin in their food grade oils, and it is retained in the finished product, making what we all believe is a superior product. Most modern soap making processes temove the glycerin from the oils before the soap making occurs. They carefully calculate the amount of each of the olive, coconut, ricebran oils used in the soap to give you a moisture rich lather that leaves a lotion-like nourishment when finished bathing.


Do you know what is aromatherapy exactly? Well, for someone who doesn’t understand what it means?  Aromatherapy by definition is using pure plant oils for psychological and physical well-being. SoapCreek‘s goal of creating the best has led them to find out that splurging on the most expensive ingredients (essential oils) sets SoapCreek apart from the rest.

artisan natural soaps


Take  Care Products at a quick glance:a look at our  Luxurious Natural Body

  • Artisan Soap
  • Hand and body emulsion
  • Body Butter Creme
  • Organic Cane Sugar Whip
  • Heel Butter
  • Butter Bombs
  • Lip Mend

Other products as well!

Luxury Artisan Bamboo Bag

Manufactured By Freshwater Products





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